Branwen Munn offers tailored mixing and mastering services to producers and musicians around the world...


Since 2002, artists from far-flung locations such as Australia, Canada, Portugal, Malaysia, the United States and of course the UK have been sending their audio stems or finished mixes via the internet, Fed-Ex, Royal Mail or carrier pigeon to west Wales, home of Branwen's GoldHill Studio for that quality tweak. From mixing entire albums to mastering drum & bass 12"s, the overall fidelity of the universe has been improved!


So, if you wake up in the middle of the night worrying about how you're going to get 'that sound' on a mixdown, or how the mix you have already done isn't going to sound phat enough on vinyl, or if you just have persistent dreams about the sparkling bling-ness of sonic joy you would love to hear on your tracks, then don't hesitate to make contact. A flexible, easy-to-use system is already in place, and you will save vast amounts of money due to the lack of studio or travel costs. Branwen can work interactively with you, chatting and sending or receiving files, while you stay in the comfort of your own home...


In some situations recording facilities may also be also available at GoldHill Studio - please make contact to find out more.


Please use the 'contact' link in the top right of this page for more information on GoldHill's affordable packages or to start discussing your personal needs.




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