Over the past decade Branwen Munn has been creating film and video projects under the banner of GoldHill Productions. Many of these projects have been developed in collaboration with other artists, details of which can be found below.


If you are interested in bringing some of the GoldHill visual expertise to your project please don't hesitate to get in touch using the Contact link above. GoldHill Productions can offer a wide range of video services in the west Wales area, from capture to colour grading and all things in between. Tuition in low budget film-making is also available. Read more about GoldHill Tuition here.

  • star*key "Body Parts" | Short film/music video

    "Body Parts" started as an idea for a conceptual short film/music video. Branwen discussed her vision with star*key collaborator Seah Hotson, and the project evolved during spring 2015. The song was recorded at GoldHill Studio, then the film was shot in Cardiff in June 2015, part funded by some kind Kickstarter supporters. A trailer for the film was released in early October, and the film released on DVD later that month along with a fascinating, 55 minute long behind-the-scenes documentary. Watch "Body Parts" below, or click here to order the DVD...

  • Fleetwood Mac "Dreams" | Music video

    The fourth in the increasingly adventurous series of Branwen's cover version music videos is graced by the return of Meg Ella. Once again she completely nailed the vocal in this Stevie Nicks classic, and as with the rest of this series the performances you see are the actual recorded takes. Utilising green screen technology, Branwen created a visual style for the video by way of reference to the original 1977 "Rumours" album art.

  • Goldfrapp "Annabel" cover version | Music video

    Continuing the series of cover version music videos, "Annabel" (originally from Goldfrapp's 2013 "Tales of Us" album) features a hauntingly beautiful vocal performance by Lisa Fletcher. Branwen re-arranged the music to include Moog synthesiser, drums and guitars, creating a different type of intensity to the song. Watch out for more Lisa Fletcher brilliance from GoldHill very soon!

  • Siouxsie & the Banshees "Hong Kong Garden" cover version | Music video

    As a follow-up to the Carpenters cover video (see below) Branwen enlisted the fantastic talents of Erin Doherty and some cunning green screen technology to create a 'live band' style performance of the 1978 Siouxsie and the Banshees hit "Hong Kong Garden". In keeping with the Carpenters video, all performances in the video are the actual recorded takes heard in the mix. Filmed in GoldHill Studio during spring 2015.

  • "The Spice of Life" | Short film

    What started as an innocent, family story idea on a Boxing Day afternoon turned into three days shooting some clockwork toys in front of a green screen followed by a week of post production! The result is a spontaneously funny love story about Sally Salt and her quest for love. The soundtrack was written and recorded by Branwen, featuring Suzanne and Branwen as the Kazoo Orchestra of Wales! The music is available from the GoldHill Bandcamp page.

  • Rye Milligan "20.13" | Music video

    During autumn 2014 Branwen produced and directed a music video for local singer/song-writer Rye Milligan (now based in London!). Rye regularly performs live, using his loop pedal to build fantastic musical arrangements using his voice, acoustic guitar and laptop. "20.13" is taken from his debut album, and Branwen recorded Rye playing a special live version of it. The video features Rye performing with his usual stage setup, accompanied by looped projections of himself as the arrangement develops. Watch the video here and witness this young artist's incredible talent:

  • Carpenters "Goodbye to Love" cover version | Music video

    During summer 2014 Branwen spent several days recording a cover version of the Carpenters song, "Goodbye to Love", featuring Meg Ella on vocals. The recording process was meticulously captured on video, the resulting footage being used to create this 'split screen' style music video. All of the shots feature show the actual recorded takes being performed.

  • YGE Film-Makers | Be Careful What You Wish For

    Created by members of the Ysgol Gyfun Emlyn lunchtime film-makers club, "Be Careful What You Wish For" was a short film project coordinated by Branwen Munn. The story was written by Branwen and three students, Ajay Hiser, Silas Blackburn and Liam Goodyear, as part of a brain-storm session in fifteen minutes during one of the group meetings. Silas then took on the job of storyboarding the film while Ajay worked on designing the 'monster'. Film took place one day after school during February 2014 involving most of the film-makers club members, several drama students and the drama teacher from the school. Roanna Holmes-Frodsham and Silas shared camera duties while other students helped with other equipment, lighting and sound recording, many of which also acting in some shots.

    Roanna took the footage home and edited the film, Silas worked on the sound design, Liam created the monster animation and composited it into the two required shots while a fourth student, Sior Boyesen, composed and recorded the soundtrack. Finally, Branwen created the credits, assembled the final material and colour corrected/graded the fillm.

    The filming and post-production of "Be Careful What You Wish For" was completed within less than a week, being completed just two days before its premiere screening at Newcastle Emlyn Film Festival on March 1st, 2014. Watch the short film below:

  • Tunnel Vision | Feature film

    "Tunnel Vision" has been the most complex and demanding project undertaken by GoldHill Productions so far. Written and directed by Suzanne Munn and Branwen Munn, the feature film is a supernatural thriller set in west Wales and produced in collaboration with the Attic Players theatre group from Newcastle Emlyn. The Players donated vast amounts of their own time for free during the summer of 2013 as actors and members of the technical team, most of them learning new skills and enjoying new and exciting experiences in the process. Branwen spent over six months in post production, editing, creating visual effects, colouring and compiling. She collaborated with Seah-Maria from star*key in creating sound effects and the original score, including the haunting song "The One" for the end credits (see tab below for the video!). The film was mixed in 5.1 surround and rendered as 1080 25fps for Blu-Ray. Discs of the film (including comprehensive 'making of' documentaries) and soundtrack CDs are available here. To find out more about the whole project visit the "Tunnel Vision" mini-site. Click below to watch the YouTube trailer of "Tunnel Vision".

  • star*key "The One" | Music video

    star*key is a musical collaboration between Branwen and Seah-Maria. Together they produced the soundtrack for the GoldHill Productions/Attic Players feature film "Tunnel Vision", including this song "The One" which played over the end credits. In the run-up to the release of the film star*key produced this video for the song, featuring the character Amber and projected clips from the film. The video was directed by star*key and was shot in the Attic Theatre during the late summer of 2013. Branwen edited and colour the video in between the marathon of "Tunnel Vision" post production! To find out more about the film click the tab above. To listen to more star*key music visit the GoldHill Records page.

  • The Story of [VOICE] | Documentary

    On 10 July 2010 Branwen and some of her MusicTechnology students in years 12 and 13 at Ysgol Gyfun Emlyn in west Wales commenced a staggering challenge: To record and mix an entire album of diverse music (including production of the artwork) in just 24 hours! The group undertook the project as a sponsored event to raise money for much-needed recording equipment for the A-Level subject in the school. The resulting album "[VOICE]" was a great success, so much so that some of the same students produced a remix album six months later, and then went on to perform the original album live in its entirety at the Attic Theatre for two nights in July 2011, raising yet more money for a further computer and software updates. Branwen created a special twenty minute documentary about the project  with contributions from some of the [VOICE] team. This documentary appeared as part of a special DVD box set which contained a high quality video of the [VOICE]LIVE concert, the remix album and a CD of the live performance. To find out more about the project visit the [VOICE] mini-site here. Watch part 1 of the documentary below. Part 2 can be found here.

  • Empire Uncut | 15 second clip for fan-made feature film

    "Empire Uncut" is an exciting online project curated by Casey Pugh. Star Wars Episode V "The Empire Strikes Back" was divided into hundreds of 15 second clips, and contributors were invited to choose a clip and remake it using any style of film making, from live action to animation. The resulting remade clips were then edited together to create a feature length fan-made version of the original. Branwen produced and directed one of the 15 second clips along with actors Erin Doherty as Leia, Silas Blackurn as Han Solo and Winston Munn as Chewbacca. Winston was also the creator of the fantastic reproduction of the Millennium Falcon entry ramp in the Attic Theatre where the clip was shot. Although the editors of "Empire Uncut" only used two seconds of our clip (sharing the 15 second slot with others who re-created the same clip) it is very exciting to be a part of this worldwide project. The entire film can be watched here. The clip submitted by Branwen can be viewed below.

  • The Message | Short film from "Song" musical

    Branwen wrote the musical play "Song" for the talented students of the performing arts department at Ysgol Gyfun Emlyn where she teaches Music Technology. Part of the production involved a short film which was screened on performance nights as a 'Prologue', setting the scene for the play and introducing audiences to some of the characters. "The Message" is set decades after the events of "Song", and introduces the main storyline of the play as a memory being recalled by the character Wish. The short film was co-directed by Seah Hotson and features a cast made up of year 13 performing arts students from the school as well as two actors from Newcastle Emlyn's Attic Players, Lizzie Bevan as Wish and Neil James as the mysterious Librarian.



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